About Me


Greetings, I am Priya, the creative mind and skilled hand behind Miraya DesignZ, where I specialize in designing and crafting unique handmade jewelry. My passion for jewelry-making allows me to create exceptional pieces that add an extra sparkle to my customers' outfits.

Originally from Grafton, MA, USA, I am a wife, mother of two kids and a student of jewelry design at a UK-based university. As someone born in India, where tradition and vibrant colors are reflected in exotic jewelry, and now married to the United States, where modern and Western styles prevail, I combine these influences to create fusion handmade jewelry that is one of a kind.

At Miraya DesignZ, we pride ourselves on using only genuine natural stones and freshwater pearls in our jewelry, as opposed to synthetic materials. I believe that nature's natural stones and pearls offer vibrant colors and textures that are unparalleled and that these materials should be celebrated in our handmade jewelry.

My mantra is simple: handmade jewelry should be custom and personalized to your taste and preferences. This philosophy ensures that there is always something unique for everyone. I am always on the lookout for unique jewelry-making materials while maintaining the highest standards of quality and design.

Feel free to contact me via email, Instagram, or through the contact page for any custom orders and questions. I love connecting with my customers to understand their preferences and tastes. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @mirayadesignz and tag us in your pictures, as I would be delighted to see you wearing our handcrafted jewelry. Additionally, follow us on Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest @mirayadesignz to see behind-the-scenes work and our little bundle of joy designing jewelry.